Aitiip 3D Services

We offer a wide variety of innovative services to meet your company’s needs in terms of 3D printing. Our focus is on providing customized and advanced solutions using the latest technologies, such as Multi Jet Fusion printing and other 3D printing techniques.

In terms of rapid prototyping, our experts can help you create accurate and functional prototypes to validate your design before mass production, reducing costs and development times.

For batch production, 3D printing offers one of its greatest advantages, allowing for the rapid and efficient production of short and medium series, adapting to the specific needs of each project.

For spare parts and tooling, our professionals can scan and create plans for the spare part, and then manufacture it using 3D printing. The design freedom and customization capabilities of 3D printing allow for redesigning and improving the spare part to prevent machine downtime and reduce stoppage times.

In terms of design and engineering, our specialists can create final 3D designs based on images, physical parts, blueprints, or ideas presented by the client. We will create the virtual model on the computer, ensuring continuous communication to ensure the fidelity of the 3D design to the expected result.

Finally, we offer texturing and post-processing services for 3D printed parts, achieving optimal finishing and an attractive and professional appearance.

With extensive experience in mold manufacturing and the use of different materials, we are the perfect partner to carry out your 3D printing projects. Allow us to be your strategic ally in 3D additive printing and together, let’s take your business to the next level.


From the initial conceptual phase, we can bring your design to reality in just a few hours using 3D printing technology. Thanks to rapid prototyping, you can evaluate the printed part and make necessary modifications within days, allowing us to accelerate the development process and effectively refine your designs. Our ability to quickly produce fully functional prototypes enables us to iterate and continuously improve the design in a short timeframe, ensuring the final result is optimal for your business.



3D printing is ideal for the production of short and medium-sized series in various industrial sectors. Its main advantage lies in its ability to create prototypes, produce short and medium-sized series for evaluation, and adapt to the specific needs of each project. From prototyping to custom part production, 3D printing is a valuable tool for any company looking to improve efficiency and reduce production costs.



We offer an on-demand spare parts supply service using 3D printing technology. We work with the client to establish the quality, manufacturing, and delivery requirements for the spare part. From there, we scan and create the blueprints of the spare part to have it available in a virtual warehouse. We manufacture the spare part using 3D printing and deliver it to the client for validation. 3D printing allows us to redesign and improve the spare part to avoid machine downtime and reduce turnaround times.



Our 3D design and engineering service allows you to turn your ideas into real 3D models. Using any image, physical part, or blueprint you provide, our specialists can create a final 3D design. We work closely with you to ensure that the virtual model meets your expectations. We utilize the most advanced technology in 3D design and modeling to create accurate and detailed models. From the initial sketch to the final model, our team maintains continuous communication with you to ensure the fidelity of the 3D design.



In our texturing and post-processing service, we ensure that your 3D printed parts have the appearance and finish you need to meet your design requirements. We use specialized post-processing and texturing techniques to enhance the surface quality and finish of your printed parts. From smoothing rough surfaces to polishing and painting, we work to ensure that your printed parts have the desired final appearance. We also offer a wide range of surface finishing options, including custom textures, surface treatments, and special paints to ensure that your printed parts meet your needs.


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