Metal 3D Printing

The SLM®280 machine is a Selective Laser Melting system used for the production of metal parts in medium to high volume and prototypes. This machine utilizes patented multi-laser technology with up to two fiber lasers that expose the build area through 3D scanning optics.

Multi-laser systems can achieve construction rates up to 80% faster than a single laser, and the patented bidirectional powder coating minimizes manufacturing time by reducing the number of required passes to deposit fresh powder during a build.

The machine is equipped with a standard PSM powder sieve and powder change kits to allow users material flexibility while maintaining powder quality in an inert atmosphere.

SLM Solutions 280

Metal 3D printing with multiple lasers and closed-loop powder handling. The SLM®280 2.0 is ideal for prototypes and high-volume additive manufacturing of metal parts.
Print Dimensions
280 x 280 x 365 mm
Stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys, aluminum, and copper.
88 cm³/h






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