Large-scale parts with superior precision and quality

The BCN3D OMEGA I60 is a high-end industrial 3D printer manufactured by BCN3D Technologies, a Spain-based company. This state-of-the-art printer employs Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology to create 3D parts by melting plastic filaments.

Featuring the exclusive IDEX technology from BCN3D, the OMEGA I60 offers a spacious 60-liter printing volume and a heated chamber capable of reaching 70ºC. This makes it ideal for producing prototypes, end-use parts, and large-scale tooling with the added advantage of utilizing technical plastics for enhanced durability. The printer is equipped with a temperature and humidity-controlled material management system that prepares filaments for optimal printing conditions. Moreover, it incorporates a direct Bondtech 1.75mm extrusion system with quick nozzle change capability, allowing for high-speed printing.

IDEX Technology Double your productivity by using both heads simultaneously.

Heated chamber active up to 70ºC Control the chamber temperature to enhance part uniformity, dimensional accuracy, and mechanical properties.

Integrated material management module Temperature and humidity-controlled integrated system that prepares filaments for printing.

Extrusion System Direct Bondtech 1.75mm extrusion with quick nozzle change.

Large 60-liter printing volume Create large and robust parts with solid mechanical properties.

In addition to its impressive technical features, the BCN3D OMEGA I60 boasts a user-friendly color touchscreen interface, enhancing the overall printing experience. The printer’s versatility extends to material compatibility, supporting various plastic filaments such as Proto, Resitant Nylon, Tooling CF, and upcoming options like Support and Impact, all with a 1.75 mm diameter. This makes the BCN3D OMEGA I60 an ideal choice for diverse industrial applications, providing exceptional precision, quality, and flexibility in material options.


High-end and high-capacity 3D printers designed for the production of large and complex parts with high precision and quality.
Printing Dimensions
BCN3D OMEGA I60 · 420 mm x 300 mm x 600 mm
Proto, Resitant Nylon, Tooling CF, Support (coming soon), Impact (coming soon) Ø 1.75 mm
BCN3D OMEGA I60 · 0.05 mm



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